Can I Stop My Divorce?

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Are you asking yourself, "Can I stop my divorce?" Every divorce is different, so this is a difficult question for which to find an answer. But, oftentimes, the answer to "Can I stop my divorce?" is yes. It may only be a temporary cessation, but it may give you the time you need to fix things.

Divorce is a lucrative business for the attorneys and the courts. And it may all stem from the fact that people just do not give themselves enough time before the marriage to ascertain whether the other will make a good partner for them. Before long they're singing the "Can I stop my divorce?" song and the attorneys are getting rich from it.

It is possible that people are marrying much too young. Just because a person is of legal age does not mean they are of a sufficient emotional age. However, age is not the only portent of possible problems. This can be witnessed by the fact that people who have been married for long periods of times, decades, even, are getting divorced these days.

More than likely, you are asking "Can I stop my divorce?" not because you necessarily married too early or anything like that. Probably, it is that you simply grew apart from your partner.

Having grown is, in and of itself, a good thing, in actuality. But growing apart happens between even the most well-intentioned couples. Isolation and poor communication takes its toll on people and before you know it, they are surprised to find themselves asking, "Can I stop my divorce?"

This faulty communication happens when one or both members of the marriage start doing things separately, without relaying information about what's going on to each other. Communication breakdown also occurs when emotions like jealousy and frustration start to grow. Eventually, it gets to a point where couples counseling with a qualified counselor will be the only way to once again find the common ground and learn to communicate with each other again.

If it hasn't gone that far, a couple can make a concerted effort to repair the communication gap, if they see it in time. Take interest in what each other is doing. Make a point to talk about your other activities and interests with your partner. If the other partner is not particularly interested in the subject, that's fine. Just keep them in the loop, so to speak, by telling them the highlights every so often.

If the spouse seems interested in the subject, one may want to consider how one would feel if the spouse starts to join in the activity. Outside interests that are separate from the marriage and family issues are necessary for some people, and one may need to communicate this to the spouse, if such is the case. However, if having them join is seen as acceptable, then by all means, they should. An activity done together tends to bring a couple closer.

These are simple things to think about, but they just might be the trick to help you to end wondering, "Can I stop my divorce?"

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Can I Stop My Divorce?

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This article was published on 2010/03/30
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