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People are more tend to get divorce now days. As a result the number of divorce cases is increasing in the court of law. Couples are approaching the court to end their married relationship and get separated either under mutual agreement or under many issues and troubles. It is widely known that the uncontested divorce cases wherein a couple decides to end their married life under mutual agreement will be able to pass through different trials very quickly without much pause or delays. All the major issues concerning a divorce case might have been settled by themselves before approaching the court. Things get complicated in case of contested divorce where the couples find it hard to agree on many situations faced by both of them. This will make the entire process lengthy and finally they will have to agree upon the words flowing out of the mouth of the judge.

There is another method by which the divorce parties can get a speedy and legal divorce without spending much by directly approaching the court of law or through a divorce lawyer. This is through the process of mediation. A mediator is a third party for both the parties. They will sit along with the couple and openly discuss about all the problems faced by them. They will also discuss on the situations that are driving them to divorce. From all these discussions, the mediator will pull the exact issue that need to be resolved between them in order to move forward. They will also give some suggestions and opinions on the possible steps that can be taken by the couple in order to come into an agreement state. It is always made sure that unlike a judge a mediator is not allowed to impose any rules or conditions to the couple. Here the process moves through the agreement made directly by the couple and the mediator is a neutral person who stands in the middle to harden the agreement made by them. There are many mediation firms functioning legally and many couples are approaching these firms under the request from the judge in order to make the process easy. The charge mainly depends upon the number of sittings that are needed and this is determined by the depth of various issues. Each sitting will not last for more than two hours.
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Divorce Jacksonville - Quick Divorce Through Mediation

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This article was published on 2010/09/28