Divorce Laws in Florida: Unchallenged Divorce

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A divorce can often be a long and pricey course for the people involved. Nevertheless, when both members of a marriage consent to annulment, filing for an unchallenged divorce may save time and money in the divorce procedure.  If both spouses agree to the uncontested divorce, or if one spouse doesn't make an appearance in court, an uncontested  divorce  may be given by the Florida Family Law Court. Nonetheless, if the other member of a marriage does not concur and makes the needed court filings, an unchallenged divorce won't be awarded. In any case, whether the divorce case is a challenged or unchallenged divorce both parties should employ a Tampa divorce attorney to protect their legal privileges.

Unchallenged divorces are generally only available to couples who don't have any disagreements regarding the fundamental divorce problems like child-custody, property allotment and alimony payments. Much like a contested divorce  an uncontested  divorce begins when one party files for a divorce. Uncontested dissolutions regularly feature less paperwork, in which property and child custody details are filed, alongside a statement of the basis for dissolution. The easier process permits the Tampa divorce lawyer to use less resources on your proceeding, thus lowering the legal costs charged.

A major benefit of an uncontested  divorce is the cost savings. An unchallenged divorce can save you money on the Tampa divorce attorney costs and court procedure. With easier paperwork and court appearances an unchallenged dissolution can also help expedite the divorce procedure.  An unchallenged dissolution allows many couples to get their dissolution of marriage approved faster than in a challenged divorce. With a smaller amount of court dates and less legal arguments, unchallenged divorce allows couples to rapidly go on with their lives.

The issues involved in a divorce  may be huge. For instance, couples who have children, complex or disputed property provisions, or other prospective arguments should seriously mull over whether an uncontested dissolution is apt for their circumstances. If you are mulling over filing for a dissolution contact one of the  knowledgeable Tampa divorce lawyers at Florida Law Group. An experienced Tampa divorce attorney can not only obtain the best ruling for you, but also help you find the most cost effective way to dissolve your marriage.

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Divorce Laws in Florida: Unchallenged Divorce

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This article was published on 2011/03/31