How to Divorce and Not Lose Everything

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Whether you have recently decided on getting a divorce from your spouse or if you have already been presented with divorce papers, there are a few ways to go about preparing for the divorce itself that can help you to avoid losing everything you own or have invested in over the years, even without a prenuptial agreement.

Getting the Legal Protection you Need
First, hiring the best lawyer you can afford that specializes in divorce is an essential part of the process of separating while protecting yourself. Ask friends, family members and those you can trust for legal referrals to help you find an attorney who will work hard to keep your assets and financial life to yourself during the process of a divorce.
Separating Your Assets and Accounts 
Separate yourself legally and financially from your spouse by ridding joint bank accounts, opening up individual accounts and even changing your current mailing address to a PO box or another address that is not a joint address you currently share.
Create a List of Your Owned Goods
Determining what is yours by creating a list will help you to keep most of what has been passed down to you from heirlooms and inheritances along with anything you owned before the marriage. You will also need to provide proof if you have a spouse who is unwilling to work with you. Document your own assets with photographs and when you approximately purchased the assets (using receipts if possible). Give all of the records you have to your attorney during the divorce process and case. You can also work together with an appraiser you hire to appraise the value of the investment of furniture and home goods you may have added into the home that you still consider yours and you would like to keep to your name.
Communicate With Your Soon to Be Ex
Although it is not always possible if you are not going through a civil divorce, talking and communicating with your soon to be ex spouse can help to smooth the entire process over if you are able to come to an agreement with one another when dividing up assets and properties.
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How to Divorce and Not Lose Everything

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How to Divorce and Not Lose Everything

This article was published on 2013/09/12