New Jersey Uncontested Divorce Laws

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In the US most people opt for uncontested divorce. It is inexpensive and allows the couple to settle their marital issues without any complexity or hassle. The same goes for the State of New Jersey too. New Jersey Uncontested Divorce Laws allows both parties to come to a mutual agreement regarding division of marital property, children and support issues either with or without involving lawyers, collaborative, counsel or mediators. Both the parties present their cases before the court with an equitable and fair agreement and the divorce is thus granted quickly.

New Jersey Uncontested Divorce involves a filing process and some paperwork that can be filed either by the domestic relation clerk or family law. This paperwork is not exactly the same as the step-by-step “do it yourself divorce filers” as each cases are considered unique under New Jersey Divorce Guidelines and the Plaintiff need to give an overview on the grounds that he/she wants to obtain the divorce. The spouse filing for the divorce is called Plaintiff and the spouse responding to the call is called Defendant.

To file for an uncontested divorce New Jersey Uncontested Divorce Laws requires either one of the spouses to be the resident of the State at least for one year. The divorce action can be filed in any of the county in New Jersey under the Chancery Division, Family Part, of the Superior Court.
New Jersey Divorce Law requires certain grounds under which uncontested divorce can be filed –

1.No-fault divorce ground - Living separate from each other for a minimum of six months and above. This separation means living in separate houses.

2.Grounds for fault divorce - Adultery, imprisonment for 18 months, unnatural sexual behaviour towards spouse, cruelty, drug addiction or alcoholism, incurable insanity, wilful desertion for 1 year.

Unlike other states New Jersey do not have summery divorce. However, the simplest uncontested divorce action requires 5 steps –

1.Files verifying the Complaint for divorce

2.Serving copy to the defendant

3.Negotiating with the defendant

4.Reaching a settlement

5.Final hearing by the court

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New Jersey Uncontested Divorce Laws

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New Jersey Uncontested Divorce Laws

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