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Regularly, couples end to a position in their relationship where things are not the same.  They feel alienated, lonely, and sometimes even as if the other person does not love them with the strength that once was.  In your heart, they might be sensing "I want to save my marriage", but they merely don't know where to start.

This is the time to put all of the cares of the world to the side and save the marriage first.  Typically, this is one of the most important reasons why couples have troubles.  Not every day, life-long problem: but issues that should not have advanced to a much bigger and more critical level.

One of the major troubles facing couples is that they try to avoid addressing problems as they occur.  One person may feel "it's too silly to matter", or "I should just ignore it".  But if it is big enough to think about it as a problem, then it is a big enough problem to resolve now.  What is a negligible issue now can lead to a major quarrel later, if left unsettled.

We have all known how important communication is in a relationship.  But part of that success recipe also involves honesty.  Many people incorrectly believe that the two are one and the same, but in reality, they can be quite unlike.

Communication involves chatting with your spouse and telling them how you feel.  Honesty means how much you communicate.  Just saying that you want to communicate is one thing: saying you want to be honest about anything is a completely different thing.

Men are notorious for committing these kinds of "marital sins".  Many are taught from a young age to keep their emotions inside, not let them out, and if so, only in small, subtle amounts that will not draw attention or daunt their manhood.  He may feel as if he is watching his emotions, but at the same time he is being aloof.  Being aloof doesn't solve a problem: being open and honest about your feelings does. Men suffer usually from this problem when they are young but they tend to overcome it when they grow more mature and experienced.

If we have faith our companion enough to marry, to pick them out from the crowd to share our life with, and to cherish for the rest of our lives, then why not be open and honest with them, too?  Many aspects of a person's life involve things that they might consider unimportant, or not worth to talk about.  If a person really feels that, "I want to save my marriage", then let the spouse decide if they are unimportant or not.


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Save My Marriage- Put Your Marriage First

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This article was published on 2011/04/19
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