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Do you live in Dallas, Texas and you have completely made up your mind to file for a divorce from your spouse? Then you will need to contact good Dallas Family Lawyers who specialize in handling divorce cases. If you are thinking that it would be to expensive to hire the services of a good Texas Divorce Lawyer, please know that it would cost you a whole lot more if you do not lawyer-up! A well experienced Texas divorce lawyer will guide you through the whole process of getting divorced.

Getting divorced is an emotionally, physically and financially draining process and with the help of a good lawyer, the whole process will be made less painful. It is natural to feel a little hesitant when it comes to contacting good Dallas family lawyers because you are scared of becoming a statistic when you do.

If your answer is "Yes" to any of the following questions, then it is important to consider searching for good Dallas family lawyers who specialize in handling divorce cases:
* Have you and your spouse both agreed that getting a divorce will be best for the two of you?
* Is your marriage counseling not working at all? Is it because your spouse thinks that the whole exercise is a joke and still goes back to hurting you emotionally, financially, physically etc?
* Has the once beautiful relationship between you and your spouse turned so sour that you both cannot bear to be in the same room?
* Do you know for a fact that your spouse is a risk to the healthy emotional, mental and physical up-bringing of your child or children? - for example, does or he or she have a history of hitting the children, has been accused of sexual perversion or has pedophilic tendencies etc.

A Texas divorce attorney can advice you on many other reasons why you can divorce your spouse.

A lot of the times, some people simply want to just walk out of a marriage and also take along with them more than a fair share of what they had contributed during the period of the marriage. You may have spent so many years building your wealth and gathering assets only to watch someone else cart off more than half of what you have spent a good part of your life working to acquire. Well experienced Dallas family lawyers who specialize in handling divorce cases will prevent this from happening to their client.

If the marriage produced a child or children and you want to have custody of the children because you know that your spouse will do a poor job of bring the children up properly. Skilled Dallas family lawyers who specialize in child custody cases will prove beyond all reasonable doubt to the presiding judge that the children will be better off with you. Raising children is not exactly the easiest job on the planet and if your ex does not know what it takes to raise children and you feel you do have the qualities, then having a reputable Texas divorce lawyer on your team will help you a great deal.

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This article was published on 2011/08/31