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Dealing and going through a divorce is a touch break for anyone. Sometimes the divorce is a good thing for the two people involved but most of the time it is a very long, hard battle. When children are involved it can make the whole situation horrible. All the fighting back and forth takes a toll on each and every person. If you are one of the people involved and want to sit back and wait it out you need your Miami divorce attorney to take the blows for you.

To get what you deserve out of out of the divorce you and your Miami divorce attorney have many things to talk about. Since you share just about everything with your spouse, it comes down to a battle between what you want and what they want. When discussing money you must think about your joint checking and savings account. A battle can be made if your spouse claims they put more into each account so they deserve more than a fifty fifty split. This includes any stocks, bonds and retirement funds along with hidden assets and debts. Next would be the house and vehicles. Usually the spouse who gets custody of the child or children, if there are any involved, would get the house because the children's lives should not be shaken up too much. There are many ideas about the children you can discuss with your divorce attorney.  Miami has rules and laws about children. There is to be support and visitation to be arranged.  For tax purposes it needs to be mentioned who will claim them as dependents or if it will be rotated every other year. Any type of insurance on the children needs to be covered by a certain parent or both parents.

Owning a business and having only one person working can bring up issues and hard feelings.  For the spouse that isn't working there can be spousal support set up along with a value that is to be given for assets made from the business. There needs to be a time limit and an amount of money set up for the non-working spouse to be cared for. The divorce can be a drawn out process for months to even years. Each person must come to some understanding about what to take and what to give up from the relationship. The ins and outs are known by the divorce attorney. Miami has many attorneys that will help you through this time in your life. If you and your spouse are at a mutual agreement about splitting it up, it's still best to speak with someone to protect yourself later in life. It's a bad situation that can turn into a positive future.

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Tough Break - Family Lawyer Miami

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Tough Break - Family Lawyer Miami

This article was published on 2013/07/01
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